Saturday, August 29, 2009

End on a good note?

I feel that every time the seasons are in transition I feel this strong urge that I need more of everything- more "winter" shoes- "winter" pants- etc... but as of right now, I'm loathing some new winter boots and they happen to be a pair of Mr. Hare! so fancy.

Sleeveless Cropped Shirt


stuck in my head.

Uffie- Pop the Glock

Current Obession

This Diesel Black Gold bag has had my attention since the first moment we received it. It's look has a certain perception that is vintage and aviator bag esq.- but I thought to myself this bag is pure gold

Briefcase- $ 690.00

New York Times

I was browsing through some of the top looks for Spring 2010... and these are what caught my eyes out those 100. Most of them felt cookie cutter - but I felt that I could use some of these as inspirations. Enjoy